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E. i. Afteradelay determined by the Cx a n d / ? values, the Ci voltage rises to / 3Vcc \ at this point the monostable action terminates, and the output pulse (at pin 3) switches abruptly to the low state again. 1 x Cx x Rx, where t is in milliseconds, C\ is in microfarads, and/? xis in kilohms. c. below % Vcc by momentarily closing 'reset' button S2. c. This 2 with an amplitude that switches trigger pulse must be negative-going, from an 'off value greater than / 3Vcc to an 'on' value less than V3 ^ C O and with a width that is greater than 100 ns but less than the desired output pulse, so that the trigger pulse is removed by the time the monostable period terminates.

20. Alternative gated 1 kHz astable: (a) 'press-to-turn-off, (b) 'press-toturn-on * SQUARE AND PULSE GENERA TORS 33 Transistor monostable pulse-generator circuits Pulse generators come in two basic types. They can be either selftriggering types, which inherently produce a continuous train of pulses, or they can be externally triggered types, which produce a single output on each application of an external trigger signal. Self-triggering pulse generators can be evolved from many of the so-called 'square-wave' generator circuits already described in this chapter: these circuits should simply be designed to give a non-symmetrical output, so that the 'on' period of the output waveform corresponds to the desired pulse width, and the reciprocal of the sum of the 'on' and 'off times corresponds to the repetition frequency of the pulse.

5 /is to 750 lis. Here, timing capacitor C\ alternately charges -D2. 18 shows how the circuit can be modified so that it acts as a fixed-frequency square-wave generator with a mark/space ratio or duty cycle that is fully variable from 1 per cent to 99 per cent. Here, 30 SQUARE AND PULSE GENERA TORS Cx alternately charges via Ri and the top half of R2 and via Dx, and discharges via D2 -R3 and the lower half of R2. Note that the sum of the two timing periods is virtually constant, so the operating frequency is almost independent of the setting of R2.

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