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By Michael Allaby

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This dictionary is a finished and up to date reference paintings on all elements of the examine of animals. Now absolutely revised for this new version, with over 5,000 entries, it truly is excellent for college students and should be priceless to beginner naturalists and all people with an curiosity within the topic. Key beneficial properties of this moment version: * large insurance together with animal habit, ecology, body structure, genetics, cytology, evolution, Earth historical past, zoogeography * complete taxonomic assurance of arthropods, different invertebrates, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals * thoroughly revised to include the hot discovery of 'extremophiles'--organisms dwelling in environments previously thought of impossibly hostile--and the taxonomic reclassification that this has entailed * New entries on genetics, evolutionary reviews, and mammalian body structure

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All species are obligate parasites of placental mammals and feed on blood; this being digested with the aid of symbiotic bacteria.  Approximately 840 species of mammal are known to harbour Anoplura, and more are expected to be discovered. Anoptichthys jordanl (blind cavefish) See CHARACIDAE.  America.  There are 175 species. Anser (geese) See ANATIDAE. Page 31 Anseranas semlpalmatis (magple goose) See ANATIDAE.  There are two families, *Anhimidae and *Anatidae.  Compare COMPLEMENTARY RESOURCES.

Compare COMPLEMENTARY RESOURCES. ant bear (aardvark, Orycteropus afer) See ORYCTEROPODIDAE. antbirds See FORMICARIIDAE. ant­eaters See MYRMECOPHAGOIDEA.  They and a very few other related genera exhibit *semelparity. antelope See BOVIDAE.  The antenna is a dead­end space, but haemolymph is circulated through it by means of a pump or heart. antennal gland A sac opening into the base of an *antenna, found in *Crustacea.  See also BRACHIONICHTHYIDAE.  See DANCE LANGUAGE.  The number of antenodals is an important diagnostic character.

See CONJUGATED PROTEIN.  They are shallow­water fish of all temperate and tropical seas. Apollo butterflies See PAPILIONIDAE. apomixis A form of reproduction that superficially appears to be sexual but actually occurs without the fusion of a male and female *gamete.  The long neck of the giraffe is apomorphic; the short neck of its ancestor is *plesiomorphic.

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