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By Ronald B. Corley

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Hundreds of thousands of equipment were constructed within the quite a few biomedical disciplines, and people coated during this ebook characterize the fundamental, crucial and most generally used equipment in numerous varied disciplines.

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Detection and quantitation of RNA A number of methods have been developed to identify RNA species and quantify a specific RNA transcript, specifically messenger RNA (mRNA) within total cellular RNA, or total RNA isolated from tissues. mRNA is the “+” or “sense” strand of RNA that is transcribed and processed from DNA encoding a gene that is subsequently translated into protein. The following represent the more commonly employed methods. 36 A GUIDE TO METHODS IN THE BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES Northern blotting This is a method designed to identify individual RNA that has been fractionated on agarose gels and transferred to a membrane for probing.

Plasmids rely on proteins produced by the host bacteria for their replication. All plasmids used for recombinant DNA work have certain features in common. First, they must be able to replicate, and to do this they contain a replication origin where DNA synthesis begins.

Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) serves as a host for the cDNA library screen. The yeast contains 2 plasmids, one with the gene for the bait protein, and one that contains the cDNA library (representing all the potential prey proteins). The system is set up so that any protein that interacts with the bait will cause transcription of a reporter gene, thus giving a visual readout of transcription, and identifying a yeast clone that contains a cDNA that encodes a protein that interacts with the bait.

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