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We will skip we find the details, and point out only the high spots. There are several fuel tanks, in 58 AIRCRAFT ENGINE PILOT CONTROL AND SELECTOR VALVE ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP *"! WING TANK AUXILIARY TANK i 'ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP ENGINE FUEL PUMP the wings and perhaps in the fuselage, with valves for selecting one or more at a time. A fuel pump driven by the engine draws gasoline from the tank and forces it to the carburetor. It pushes it at a higher pressure than do those in automobiles. In addition there is an electric pump in each tank, which operates continually as a booster pump and vapor separator, and also acts as an emergency pump if anything happens to the main pump.

56 AIRCRAFT ENGINE CARBURETO COOLING AIR AIR TO SUPERCHARGERS SUPERCHARGED AIR ENGINE EXHAUST TURBOSUPERCHARGERTurbosupercharger installation with intercooler There have been various ways tried to overcome some of these disadvantages. Sometimes two sets of gears are used. One drives the impeller at low speed, the other at higher speed, with means for shifting from one to the other. Another plan is to leave the sea level supercharger undisturbed, and add another separate one called an auxiliary supercharger, which can be brought into operation when necessary.

Thus the power from all the cylinders is really transmitted first to the master rod and from there to the crankshaft. But for all practical purposes it is just the same as if each connecting rod were CYLINDER HEAD AND BARREL fastened directly to the crankshaft. In a radial engine the crankcase is somewhat like a wide hoop or ring. It has holes around it into which the individual cylinder barrels fit. On top of each cylinder barrel fits its head, which includes the valves. This is an overhead valve mechanism, with the valves set at an angle 49 PISTON A POWER PRIMER VALVE CLOSED VALVE OPEN PUSH ROD \ CAM RING TIMING GEARS CRANKSHAFT An Radial aircraft type automobile type making a peaked roof on the combustion chamber.

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