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By Mary Phipps, Malcolm Quine

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EXERCISES 1. 3. 2. 22,. )} =Value of a randomly chosen observation from a n o d ] t odd distribution with mean $ and variance = 1 if toss of a true coin results in a head t even = 0 if toss of a true coin results in a tail + I (b) {X,:t E (0,tl,-t-2,. )} is a time series of independent identicidly distributed random variables whose distribution function is that of Student’s t-distribution with one degree of freedom. 1) random variables. 3. 1,2,.. )}, where the e, am independent identically distributed (0,l) random variables and a , , a, are fixed real numbers?

Let Y = (Y,* Y2, . . * Y,) be a p-variate random variable with nonsingular covariance matrix. Then the partial correlation between Yl and Yz after Y3 is where pu=(qio;,)-1’2q,2and qj is the covariance between Y, and alternative definition of ~ 1 2 . 3 5. k is the partial regression coefficient for q in the regression of and Yk. 2 Recall that pi,+ is the simple population regression coefficient for the regression of U, - P A on yl. - &Y,, where & = aki’a,,. Therefore, the partial conelation between U, and yj after V, is the simple correlation between Y, - &Y, and Y, - &Yk.

Therefore, and where S,,= X;=-,,q. 1. 22, . . Then there exists a sequence of random variables { X I ) such that, for r = 0,” 1,+2,. , 1m-m and E{X:} d M 2 K . Proof. 1, X, is well defined as an almost sure limit and Because (p,l- 1q1)’B 0, we have E{lZll lZ,l} d K for all t, j . 1, we have that and for all t = 0, 2 1,+2,. .. It follows that and XI,,,,,luj( converges to zero as n -+m. 1 is defined as a limit in probability, as a limit in mean square, and as an almost sure limit. The second moment condition is required for convergence in mean square, and the first 33 ABSOLUTELY SUMMABLE SEQUENCES absolute moment is required for almost sure convergence.

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