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By A.E. Shilov, Georgiy B. Shul'pin, Alexander E. Shilov

ISBN-10: 0792361016

ISBN-13: 9780792361015

This monograph is dedicated to the activation and diverse alterations of saturated hydrocarbons (alkanes), i.e. reactions followed via the C--H and C--C bond cleavage. Alkanes are the most parts of oil and typical fuel, and for that reason are the critical feedstocks for the chemical undefined. nonetheless, those ingredients are identified to be the least reactive natural compounds. exact recognition is paid to the lately came across alkane activations in the presence of steel complexes, that are defined in additional element. as well as the reactions of saturated hydrocarbons that are the major subject of this ebook, the activation of C--H bonds in arenes or even olefins and acetylenes are thought of. The monograph may be valuable not just in case you have an interest in the activation of alkanes and different hydrocarbons through steel complexes, but in addition for experts in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, petrochemistry, and organometallic chemistry. a few elements of the monograph should be of curiosity for experts in inorganic and natural chemistry, theoretical chemistry, biochemistry or even biology, and additionally if you paintings within the petrochemical undefined, business natural synthesis and biotechnology.

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