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By Christopher B.R. Smith

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Interpreting the interdependent nature of substance, house, and subjectivity, this booklet constitutes an interdisciplinary research of the intoxication indigenous to what has been termed "our narcotic modernity." the 1st part – Drug/Culture – demonstrates how the physique of the addict and the social physique of the town are either inscribed by means of "controlled" substance. Positing dependancy as a "pathology (out) of position" that's particular to the (late-)capitalist city panorama, the second one part – Dope/Sick – conducts a critique of the existing pathology paradigm of dependancy, offering as a substitute a theoretical reconceptualization of drug dependence within the phrases of "p/re/in-scription." Remapping the successive phases or stages of our narcotic modernity, the 3rd part – Narco/State – delineates 3 fundamental eras of narcotic modernity, together with the modern urban of "safe"/"supervised" intake. making use of an experimental, "intra-textual" layout, the fourth part – Brain/Disease – mimics the experience, country or scape of intoxication accompanying every one permutation of narcotic modernity within the interchangeable phrases of drug, dream and/or ailment. Tracing the parallel evolution of "addiction," the (late-)capitalist cityscape, and the pathological venture of modernity, the 4 elements of this publication hence jointly represent a clients’ advisor to city house.

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Simultaneously scripted, prescribed, inscribed, de-inscribed, and re-inscribed, the notion of pre/in/scription positions ‘addiction’ as a generalized, normalized phenomenon that is a symptomatic product of (late-)capitalist (narco-)modernity, and concentrated most densely in the urban cityscape. In this conceptual re-mapping, ‘addiction’ as it becomes manifest specifically in the case of drugs signals the immediate need for social control and regulation by destabilizing normative conceptions of consumption and disrupting the socio-spatial ‘order’ of the increasingly sanitized, privatized, and commercialized urban landscape, itself undeniably implicated in the phenomenon of p/re/in-scription.

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