Addictions and Healing in Aboriginal Country - download pdf or read online

By Gregory Phillips

ISBN-10: 0855754508

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Addictions and therapeutic in Aboriginal state establishes a framework for figuring out the problems pertinent to Indigenous addictions to alcohol, gunga and playing and its after-math in a single group, gigantic River (a fictitious identify for a true community).

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Collecting Stories I completed seventeen semi-structured interviews during the life of this research project (including four of them in Canada); five focus groups; numerous casual and unstructured interviews; and participant observation53 over a period of twelve months. full participant observer”54 during the life of the project, meaning I not only worked, but lived along-side Big River community members. In addition to transcribing interviews and focus groups, I kept a journal of field notes that helped me document the happenings on any given day.

While there, she instructed her son to take me around and show me the land and some of the sacred sites. While we were there, he made the point that while I had become a respected and trusted friend of the family, I was to make sure that I didn’t “... go telling them whitefellas or anyone about this place [the sacred sites] when you go back”. I obliged and promised not to. That he asked and made the point is evidence of the fine, yet tangible line between ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’. Another instance of this is that soon after I arrived in the community, Robert made the point that, “...

27 Addictions&Healing in Aboriginal Country Should Indigenous or Non-Indigenous Explanatory Models Be Used? 157 In other words, western sciences and knowledge production systems often mask their own underlying cultural beliefs, while insisting that their science is beyond such limitations. 158 As Chicano scholar Mirandé notes: Objectivity has been extolled as a virtuous trademark of science ... Proponents of this ethic assume that observations are somehow more valid and accurate if one is affectively neutral toward the phenomenon under study and, conversely, that the expression of value preferences necessarily invalidates or prejudices observations.

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