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G. GaAs-rich InGaAs, cannot be grown on available binary substrates without introducing lattice mismatch. In some cases, this lattice mismatch could be contained in graded alloy buffer layers grown between the substrate and the final alloy layer. This approach could contain many, but not all, of the dislocations in passive regions of the structure buried below the active region. However, even physically separated dislocations proved to be problematic in high power light emitting devices. Dislocations could climb into the active regions of light-emitting diodes and lasers during operation, producing a network of dark line defects which ultimately produced device failure.

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5106-15] Ch. Zeller, B. Vinter, G. Abstreiter, K. 729] H J . Beyer, C. Metzner, J. H. Dohler [Superlattices Microstruct. F. Schubert, J E . Cunningham, W T . L. Timp [Appl. Phvs. Lett. B. Simpson, CA. Pennise, BE. E. R. AuCoin [Appl. Phys. Lett. 590 ] A. Kost, E. Garmire, A. D. Dapkus [Appl. Phys. Lett. 301 ]; A. Kost, M. Kawase, E. Garmire, A. Danner, H C . Lee, P D . Dapkus [Proc. 943 (1988) p. 114] H. Ando, H. Iwamura, H. Oohashi, H. Kanbe [ IEEE J. Quantum Electron. K. Law, J. Maserjan, RJ.

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