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By Emilio Acerbi,Giuseppe Buttazzo

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Borgia’s success, Machiavelli argued, could be traced to his reliance on a citizen army, not mercenary troops. One might suggest that Machiavelli wanted Lorenzo de’ Medici to follow Borgia’s example, but on a national scale. The last Chapter of I1 Principe, read in light of Chapters VII, XI1 and XIII, which focus upon Borgia, appears to demonstrate this point. After the examination of I1 Principe, it may prove helpful to examine passages from the Discorsi and the Arte which are complementary to those in Machiavelli’s treatise on principalities.

This is borne out in the pages of the Arte della guerru, written just after the Discorsi. 3 This Chapter shall examine Machiavelli’s ideas concerned with the citizen army in I1 Principe, the Discorsi and the Arte, demonstrating a distinct continuity in his political works-and a further shortcoming of his 38 Politics, Patriotism and Language political vision. The greatest emphasis will be placed on I1 Principe; particularly Chapters VII, XII, XI11 and XXVI because they are central to Machiavelli’s military considerations in that book and the groundwork upon which similar considerations in the Discorsi and Arte are based.

Book VIII on the other hand contains only seven references to patria or a related term in four of the book‘s forty capita. Finally, in Book IX,one will find these terms used nine times; distributed in three out of forty-six capita. Book X contains no reference to any of these terms. These rather dry statistics are drawn from the Appendix to this Chapter which provides context to each of the terms in Livy’s history. Following the precedent of the previous Chapter, in the text below, the reader will finds numbers drawn from the Appendix to this Chapter.

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