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What does it suggest to be nude? What does the nude do? In a chain of regularly magnificent reflections, Jean-Luc Nancy and Federico Ferrari stumble upon the nude as a chance for pondering in a manner that's stripped naked of all got meanings and preconceived varieties. during engagements with twenty-six separate pictures, the authors convey how the nudes produced via painters and photographers disclose this bareness of suggestion and go away us bare at the verge of a feeling that's regularly nascent, continually fleeting, at the floor of the outside, at the floor of the picture.

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In passato, l’arte della “scrittura nascosta” (meglio nota come crittografia) period according to lo più riferita advert un insieme di metodi in step with nascondere il contenuto di un dato messaggio agli occhi di lettori non autorizzati. Oggi, l’evoluzione dei sistemi digitali ha generato nuovi scenari di comunicazione, richiedendo ai moderni crittografi di progettare crittosistemi che soddisfino requisiti di sicurezza complessi, ben oltre il requisito base di confidenzialità ottenibile attraverso l. a. “scrittura nascosta”.

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He turns up his hearing aid to draw in a banging noise he still cannot interpret or place. She picks up the notebook that lies on the small table beside his bed. It is the book he brought with him through the fire— a copy of The Histories by Herodotus that he has added to, cutting and gluing in pages from other books or writing in his own observations—so they all are cradled within the text of Herodotus. She begins to read his small gnarled handwriting. There is a whirlwind in southern Morocco, the aajej, against which the fellahin defend themselves with knives.

About a dog’s paws. Whenever her father was alone with a dog in a house he would lean over and smell the skin at the base of its paw. This, he would say, as if coming away from a brandy snifter, is the greatest smell in the world! A bouquet! Great rumours of travel! She would pretend disgust, but the dog’s paw was a wonder: the smell of it never suggested dirt. It’s a cathedral! her father had said, so-and-so’s garden, that field of grasses, a walk through cyclamen—a concentration of hints of all the paths the animal had taken during the day.

Then he was in Pisa for a while, then... One of the Arabs is probably wearing his name tag. He will probably sell it and we’ll get it one day, or perhaps they will never sell it. These are great charms. All pilots who fall into the desert—none of them come back with identification. Now he’s holed up in a Tuscan villa and the girl won’t leave him. Simply refuses. The Allies housed a hundred patients there. Before that the Germans held it with a small army, their last stronghold. Some rooms are painted, each room has a different season.

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