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The smoke is inhaled through a hollow stem. With water pipes, 57 58 NICOTINE Pipes have a bowl to hold the tobacco and a stem for smoking. While pipe smoking is still a part of traditional customs in some cultures, overall pipe smoking has declined over the years. the smoke is cooled and cleansed as it passes through a small vessel of water. Pipes’ popularity has declined in recent decades. They are widely viewed as stodgy and old-fashioned. But at least one type of pipe—the hookah, a kind of water pipe—enjoyed a resurgence in the early 2000s.

S. Congressmen were pretty casual about hitting their targets. S. Capitol building were covered with tobacco juice. “I strongly recommend all strangers not to look at the floor,” he wrote. ” In the past, spittoons were located in public places to prevent people from spitting on the street and reduce the risk of spreading diseases, such as tuberculosis. Chewing tobacco became so popular that even government buildings, including Congressional offices, had spittoons. In this image from 1937, Senator Fred Brown of New Hampshire sits at his desk with a spittoon at his feet.

For the same reason, chewing tobacco has long been tied to baseball players. How People Use Nicotine Early types of chewing tobacco were just leaves torn off a plant. S. ” They sweetened some tobacco with honey and rammed it into holes in maple or hickory logs. Wooden pegs then compressed the tobacco into small cakes. The drying wood soaked up moisture from these cakes, leaving plugs that were ready to consume. Tobacco chewing declined in popularity during the late 1800s and early 1900s. One reason is that people discovered that spitting spread deadly diseases, such as tuberculosis.

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